Account-based Marketing: Case Study and Success Stories

Account-based Marketing: Case Study and Success Stories

As the account-based marketing landscape has experienced a tidal wave of change over the last few years, many of the marketers are ready to take a dive with Account-based marketing. Whether you're a small business or global brand, you'll learn how some companies are leveraging it and getting the real results. Success stories and case studies could be more credible than any statistics. So, here's a list of case studies and success stories that you can learn from and apply to your own business.

5 Ways Account-Based Marketing Helped SalesLoft Grow 2000%!

Sangram Vajre had the honor of joining Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft, at SiriusDecisions Summit 2015 for a case study on how his company implemented account-based marketing strategies that ultimately contributed to an astounding 2000% growth rate in 2014. Read how ABM helped SalesLoft.

How Tipalti Increased Engagement & ROI in Hard-to-Reach Verticals Using Account-Based Marketing!

Rob Israch is the CMO at Tipalti, a B2B payments application. It automates the entire process of paying your suppliers anywhere in the world. Look how did the company increase its ROI and engagement using ABM.

How SalesLoft Increased Reach 600% Through Account-Based Marketing!

SalesLoft, a company that provides prospecting automation software, does account-based marketing amazingly well. Each week, as their sales development team identifies new accounts to target, the marketing team creates advertising programs that target the entire account for each of the companies that the SDR team is trying to reach. As a result, they are able to increase their reach by over 600% among the accounts that their sales team is trying to penetrate, creating awareness among all of the decision makers and influencers within that company.

Northrop Grumman Leverages Account-Based Marketing to Win a $2 Billion Deal!

Northrop Grummans Information Technology sector knew a good opportunity when it saw one: In 2003, after the Commonwealth of Virginia created the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) to consolidate all state IT services under one single agency, the newly formed VITA began looking for a partner that could help the state improve its IT infrastructure and deliver managed services to more than 90 executive branch agencies. Look at the success story.

How Invoca Increased Conversions by 200% with Account-Based Marketing!

Julia Stead is the Director of Demand Generation at Invoca, one of the leading call intelligence platforms. Invoca provides attribution and analytics for marketers to know what’s driving inbound calls to their business which helps them know which marketing strategies work and which don’t. Look how Invoca increased conversions by 200% with ABM.

Invoca Achieves 175% of Pipeline Opportunity Goal with ABM!

Invoca uses the Tactile Marketing Automation® (TMA®) solution from PFL to drive targeted customer engagement, achieve 175% of pipeline opportunity goal and deliver 33x ROI on campaign spend for Dreamforce 2015.

ABM Growth and a Case Study with Audi.

Audi head of corporate sales “we noticed a significant increase in offers from that (each) specific company.” Freya News helped them construct a company based content strategy and delivered on it. Visit them to know the success story.

SAP Creates $27 Million in New Pipeline Opportunities!

According to Eric Martin, Vice President of Marketing, SAP, "We provide software that helps businesses run their entire operation — everything from back office financials to their HR department to their inventory management and supply chain and the underlying database that it all runs on as well." View the success story to learn more.

What Optimizely Learned by A/B Testing a Personalized Homepage!

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is taking the world of B2B marketing by storm. The benefits are clear: a strategy that deliberately aligns sales and marketing around a common set of accounts and delivers targeted campaigns to engage those accounts with sales leads to bigger deals and higher close rates.

How Kenna Security Expanded Reach in Target Accounts with Terminus Account-Based Marketing!

Kaitlin Stich leads demand generation programs for Kenna Security. Kenna Security is a vulnerability management and risk intelligence platform and they sell to IT professionals. Go through the success story to know how ABM worked for Kenna Security.

Influitive Shortened Its Sales Cycle by 10 Days Using Terminus for Account-Based Marketing!

Jim Williams is the VP of Marketing at Influitive, an advocate marketing company. Influitive helps businesses to mobilize their customers to go out and spread positive word of mouth, be a reference, refer leads, do a case study, speak to an analyst or the press, etc. – it is a platform that helps marketers generate that kind of advocacy from their customers.

ObservePoint Achieves 640% ROI with Leadspace Platform!

Observepoint is a provider of web analytics quality assurance tools. They needed to identify their target market and maximize the efficiency of their Sales Development Rep (SDR) team. Look at the success for ObservePoint with ABM.

How Uberflip Aligns Content Marketing + Sales for Account-Based Marketing!

Hana Abaza leads the marketing department at Uberflip. Uberflip focuses on helping marketers create, manage, and optimize tailored content experiences for every stage of the buyer journey. Learn more about how her team uses Terminus for their account-based marketing efforts. Look how ABM helped Uberflip.

How InsightSquared Runs Account-Based Marketing at Scale with Terminus!

Joe Chernov is the VP of Marketing for InsightSquared, a sales performance analytics company. InsightSquared helps Sales Leaders pull out more valuable, actionable information from their CRM so that they can better run their business and more efficiently grow. Joe is the former VP of Marketing at Hubspot and Adweek named him one of 10 Branded Content Masters Who Makes It OK to Love Marketing.

WP Engine Generated 28% More Opps with Terminus!

Chris Long and Mike Sanchez lead account-based marketing programs for WP Engine, a provider of managed WordPress hosting for mission critical sites around the world. When both Chris and Mike started at WP Engine, they decided to implement an account-based marketing program was a top priority.

Rosetta Stone Sees 70% Increase in Opportunities with Terminus!

See how Rosetta Stone used the ABM Framework for building out an account-based marketing plan for their new product launch that resulted in a 70% increase in opportunities.

Chart Industries Uses Account-Based Marketing to Reach and Engage Decision-Makers at Target Accounts!

As the Digital Marketing and Business Development Manager for Chart Industries, Judson Voss and his team operate in a niche industry where repeat customers fuel their business. Watch how Chart Industries used ABM to reach and engage decision makers at target accounts.

Growth with Account-Based Marketing: The Story of SchoolDude!

Powered by Marketo Real-Time Personalization, SchoolDude, the nation's leading education platform of cloud solutions for schools and universities, successfully deployed their Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns across thousands of institutions. Within 90 days, they saw a 4x increase in web engagement and a 30% lift in webinar registrations that were directly impacted by ABM.

Account Based Marketing for Wärtsilä!

Account Based Marketing seems to be all the hype among serious B2B digital marketers around the world. But how is it really executed to utmost perfection? Read to know the success story of Wärtsilä.

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