List Building Challenges & Solution

List Building Challenges & Solution

List building is the most important task for any marketing campaign. The success and failure totally depend on the quality of your list and not quantity. As per the definition provided by ‘Affiliate Review Guru’, “List building is the activity of amassing a mailing list. This can be done in several ways, such as driving traffic to squeeze or lead capture pages, via co-registration, or by joint venturing. It can also be done offline as when a business gathers the name and address of its buyers or when it asks customers to fill out a form to enter a drawing. List building is the most important activity for any business and the list becomes the business’s most valuable asset.”

An effective email marketing list is the key to reaching your target customers. That’s the reason why list building is so important for your company and business. It not only affects the revenue earn but it also affects on the reach of your product and service. List building can help build trust and confidence in your prospects to act on integrated marketing messages. A great email list takes the time to create and grow. Once it is grown, it needs to be nurtured & administered regularly. In this process of list building, you come across various challenges.

Below we have listed the most common challenges encountered by B2B marketers in the process of  List building along with their solutions.

List Building Challenges & Solution:

  1. Challenge - People are hesitant to register on your website and offer.
    - Offer them an alternative for social sign-in as well.
  2. Challenge - You want to collect information to connect with customers/prospects, but they don't because the form is too lengthy.
    - Break up the questionnaire. Ask a few important questions to begin, then gather more info at a later stage.
  3. Challenge - You don’t have a good mechanism for collecting customer and prospect information at your store or trade show booth.
    - Use tablets (e.g. iPads), SMS and local check-ins to gather opt-ins.
  4. Challenge - You have lots of Facebook fans and Twitter followers but they are not in your marketing database.
    Solution - Use your social networks and promote your email programs to generate leads.
  5. Challenge - Many people who make purchases from you haven’t opted-in to receive your emails.
    Solution - Include an email opt-in call-to-action in your transactional messages.