Relevance of Face Time in B2B Marketing

A lot has been said and written about social media strategies, automated sales and marketing campaigns and the technology evolution in B2B marketing. However, the significance of face to face meetings and interactions cannot be ignored. It is true that automation and social media help to save a lot of time and also enable you to connect to lot of people at a given instant. However, meeting people in person, both in and out of your organization, sometimes helps you encounter challenges and issues that can never be brought up online. Similarly, you can devote more time when the discussions occur across the table. People involved in the discussions may take time to open up, but gradually they can come up with new issues as well as solutions for the issues.

There are certain benefits that a face to face conversation offers over the virtual communication:

  • If the meeting is conducted within your organization, you can get to connect all the people who are concerned with the matters at the same instant. In case of emails or chats, people may not be available to respond.
  • Face to face communication helps you build interpersonal relations with your colleagues, seniors and customers. You can understand them better and get to know the verbal and non verbal messages.
  • Face to face communication has more clarity than tweets and chats. In some cases the messages on social media, if not conveyed in the correct way is likely to be misinterpreted. In face to face conversations, the misunderstandings can be sorted out.
  • In case of marketing, it is good to follow up the initial mail or chat with an in-person meeting. This helps the sales or marketing people to explain the process or product and thus contribute to lead generation.

To conclude, though it is true that social media communication can be productive in terms of business, the value of face to face communication is special. It creates a personalized impression of the individual and the organization on the clients and customers and this impression is long lasting. Many proposals that can get skipped or ignored online receive serious consideration when they are put forth through personal meetings. This is very significant for B2B marketing that thrives on lead management. Similarly, though automation works well to connect the work across teams, it needs to be supported by face time appropriately. This helps to surface the challenges and doubts and also helps in clarifying them.