The Benefits and Challenges of Marketing Automation

The marketing automation platforms offer a wide choice to B2B marketing organizations. There are enterprise level platforms, platforms that are end-user friendly and other examples that suit the requirements of various organizations. There are numerous benefits of marketing automation platforms:

Increase in efficiency

Without automation the simple tasks like data quality management, addition of content, management of scheduling and follow up of metrics can be managed with less time and efforts. Once the automation set up gets rolling, it becomes convenient to manage a lot of tasks with more efficiency.

Better lead generation

You can combine several criteria like pages, forms, and so on and then assign systems that assign scores. In this way, you can easily make out those leads that are more prospective for the sales team and can be converted too.

Lead conversion

Research has shown that use of marketing platforms promote the generation of lead conversion and provide a better rate. The revenue generation also changes and that too can be calculated by automated tools.

Unifying teams across organizations

As the employees start concentrating on converting prospects into opportunities that can be converted, they start providing unified efforts so as to increase the efficiency of the organization. Together they work on better methods of lead generation and providing the data to the sales team to enable them to convert the prospect.

Along with the benefits, there are certain challenges involved in implementing marketing automation.

Some of the issues are:

Possibilities of complications

All the marketing automation platforms may not be simple and easy to be automated. There might be some challenges that you face till you get them on boarding and this may require some time.

Lack of application knowledge

You should be aware of the complete applicability of the platform for automating the marketing processes. The uses are usually multi-folded and so are the benefits. Lack of this knowledge can lead to the restricted use of this application. For example, marketing people may concentrate only on the automation of emails whereas the platform may offer the automation of several other factors in the database.

Resistance to adapt to new changes

Your employees may not be willing to easily accept a complete change in the process that they are working on. You need to discuss the benefits and convince the people in your organization about the long term benefits of these changes.  This is particularly important to convince the sales and the marketing teams as they are the ones to derive the maximum benefit from all this exercise.


Most of the marketing automation platforms can be dealt with a SaaS-based pricing. Here the software is licensed by the customer but the host is the vendor. The pricing has various packages that are offered by the vendors. Most of them offer prices based on the number of contacts or emails. Vendors also usually offer installation and implementation services too. It is advisable to get into annual contracts for these services as they may come in with some beneficial schemes.