Tips To Build The Best Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Tips To Build The Best Account-Based Marketing Strategy

In today’s modern market, every competent business integrates the latest digital means to keep up with the competition. Standard practices like marketing have gone digital, and companies must avail of them to stay relevant. That is why you see ventures turning to measures like account-based marketing to build their online prestige.

ABM or account-based marketing has been a prevalent tool for a long time, but its significance has skyrocketed recently. Businesses are getting aware of the effectiveness of the process, and many find it more profitable than other standard promotion tactics. Around 80% of businesses admit to placing an ABM program within their proceedings.

Even better, around  42% of the users stated that the leads generated with ABM were relatively easier to convert into customers. The numbers go to show how a well-articulated account-based marketing strategy can work wonders for your firm. Now that you know it, the next question on your mind must be - how to prepare an effective account-based marketing strategy?

For starters, reading through this piece would help you out. Here are the top tips to remember when creating an account-based marketing strategy -

Tips To Build The Best Account-Based Marketing Strategy

1. Identify The High-Value Accounts & Prioritise Them

Your business must be aware of a product’s target audience and their motivation to use it. You must prioritize these accounts and utilize every shred of data you can squeeze out. It does not matter whether it is a new prospect or old, the key is to assess the client’s returning potential, market influence, and deal size.

Now discuss the specifics with your team and ask them to use it while formulating a strategy.

2. Set Some Realistic Goals

This tip is beneficial for every marketing field. After identifying your accounts, you need to set clear goals that you want to achieve through them. The next step is to establish some KPIs to assess your routine progress.

Setting clear goals help your team stay on track and refrain them from partaking in any unnecessary activity.

3. Instil A Personalized Touch

Now that you have laid the groundwork for your account-based marketing strategy, it is time to organize customized assets for every targeted account. This does not merely refer to personalized emails or landing pages; you need to be a bit more thorough. Pay keen attention to how the customers will reach you and assign dedicated assets to enhance their journey.

How can it be done? Research. Dig as much as you can about your prospects and invest it in your strategy.

You can integrate specific messages or the client’s initials on a web page to entice familiarity within them. The goal is to make them realize that you know and value them.

4. Integrate A Functional Metrics System

Using multiple KPIs will not do you any good if you are unable to capitalize on them. Your account-based marketing strategy must set up and develop distinct parameters. Access the best metrics to leverage the data you collect.

Equip your team with it and ensure that each member is adept with the mechanism.

5. Clearly Define Media Strategy & Channels

If you deliver content to your audience, make sure you are using the right channels to reach the target audience. The primary reason why an account-based marketing strategy is deemed economical is its smaller target audience. The chances of getting more clicks and conversions dramatically increase when you proffer custom content to a set audience.

Moreover, you should know minor details like the ideal time to post your content. Your demographics will not stay active throughout the day, so identify the ideal slot to score maximum session time.

6. Elevate The ROI With Intent Data

Intent data is gathered via IP addresses, and it can find the clients interested in indulging in your venture. However, it merely offers surface-level knowledge like company details and not individual decision-makers. You can find the ideal targets by merging your business contact data with intent data via IP address matching.

These targets will be ready to purchase your products, increasing your ROI and improving the ABM outputs.

7. Know When To Stop

Despite your best efforts, there will be times when a prospect will not convert into a customer. You can avoid unnecessary time and effort investment by staying aware and proactive throughout the process. However, do not prematurely step down as an account-based marketing strategy takes some time to flourish.

8. Maintain Thorough Transparency

Practicing transparency in both your strategy and business can fetch amazing results. Try to share the analytics and results with your team openly. Show them how much traffic they are generating, what the sales stats are, and how the consumers are responding to the ABM. Gestures like these will help your team stay focused and in-loop about how the strategy is working out.

9. Be Smart About Paid Advertising

Pick any successful account-based marketing strategy, and you would notice how it effectively used paid advertising. Paid mediums can allow you to reach an unprecedented amount of prospects within a limited time. The times when running a couple of ads and cold emails got business customers are gone.

With paid advertising, you can build an online domain to find and interact with new customers.

10. Streamline The Sales Team

The success of your account-based marketing strategy depends on the collaborative effort of sales and marketing staff. Fill in every staff member regarding the strategy from the get-go and hold frequent check-ins to ensure everyone is on the same page. Routinely update the teams about the progress and watch as your ABM strategy garners esteemed results.

11. Train Your Influencers

Your current staff might not remain within the premise forever. So you must train your internal influencers to take care of a full-fledged account-based marketing strategy. Educate them as much as you can to become competent and drive the sale when the need arrives.

Albeit ABM or account-based marketing is not a new promotion concept; it picks up pace in the modern market. As businesses understand more about the concept, they are trying to capitalize on it. With the above-mentioned tips, your business can do so too.

Try to instill the tips within your account-based marketing strategy, and channel esteemed results in no time.

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Anna Jensen
Anna Jensen Director of Marketing, DigitalShadows
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Looking for a dataset?

Get a customized dataset for your next campaign from Ready and save yourself from expensive annual subscriptions :)


"After piloting various data vendors, it was easy to see that ReadyContacts is a cut above."

Anna Jensen
Anna Jensen Director of Marketing, DigitalShadows