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Account-based Marketing (ABM) Stats, Facts & Figures


We as b2b marketers, are always on the lookout to search for better & new ways to market our products and services, generate quality leads and convert them into loyal customers. As the account-based marketing landscape has experienced a tidal wave of change over the last few years, it makes sense to look to research to identify trends and patterns that can help guide your marketing strategy. If you are looking for the latest ABM stats and trends, check out these fascinating ac

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20+ Account Based Marketing Definitions from the Experts

Account Based Marketing Definitions

B2B marketers everywhere in the world are talking about account based marketing and how it can help companies multiply their growth numbers. It seems as though it’s being mentioned on every webinar, at every marketing conference, and in all major marketing strategy discussions. The number of marketers embracing account based marketing as part of their marketing model is increasing year on year. But, along with the increasing popularity comes a need to define & explain what exactly the c

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65+ Tools for LinkedIn Power Users


LinkedIn is the best professional social network where you can be. You can use this network to build your brand, grow your network as well as find new customers. To help you expand your efforts, there are loads of little tools for LinkedIn that help you gather data and even get the sales process started. Let's explore the following list of useful tools, solutions, and apps that this social media platform offers to help you get the most out of it.

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LinkedIn By The Numbers : 2017 Statistics

LinkedIN By The Numbers

Numbers don't lie and the stats below show that LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for working professionals. In fact, it’s one of the largest social networks in general. Here are some impressive statistics and figures that explain just how important LinkedIn is to the professional world. Below is a comprehensive list of all of the LinkedIn statistics and facts that you need to know as a B2B marketer. 

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The Ultimate Learning Guide for Account-based Marketing Success

Account-based Marketing Success Guide

Account-based Marketing (ABM) is being widely adopted by B2B marketers at companies of all sizes and there is a wealth of information being shared out there every day. I have been tracking a wide range of ABM resources and realized that its starting to get overwhelming to figure out what to read and keep for future reference as you perfect your ABM plans. To aid us (as a data company that enables ABM with campaign specific data) and everyone who is looking to stay on top of ABM strategies and

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2017 Account-based Marketing Conferences You Don’t Want To Miss

Account-based Marketing Conferences

Account based marketing in its most basic form is "laser-focused B2B marketing" where the whole emphasis is on the account and not the lead. Identifying and targeting key accounts has always been a best practice, but what’s different today is how improved technology gives marketers the ability to do ABM at scale. More than 90% of marketers believe Account-Based Marketing is essential. And of those practicing ABM, 96% are seeing remarkable results. It’s time you find out why and how. We ha

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60+ Account-based Marketing Experts To Follow & Learn From


Account-based Marketing is the new thing across the B2B landscape and while there is a lot of content out there that demystifies it, I think a great way to keep on top of everything ABM is to follow the experts. There are a lot of B2B marketers who spend far more time than you or I on thinking about ABM, what works, how it must be executed and tracked and a lot more. So I went hunting for these experts by reading their blogs, profiles, tweets and more. The result is a list of 60+ B2B expert

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ABM Simplified!


Account-based Marketing is all the rage in the B2B world today and if you are wondering what it is all about, this post is just for you.ABM stands for Account-based Marketing and it is a strategic marketing method that centers around marketing to a prospect or a customer considering it as a market of one. Imagine if you had just one customer - that’s it. Now think of all the ways you would market to this one customer and grow your revenue within that one customer. Everything that you

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Difference between a Role-based Account and a Mailing List


Role-based accounts and mailing list, both are the email addresses with different function and purpose. The purpose of a role-based account is to share emails within a group of people. For example, there are 5 people in HR team, all of them share one single email address i.e. 'hr@example.com'. On the other hand mailing list is also an email address which is used to send one email to multiple recipients. For example, 'group@example.com' is the mailing list of a company and there are about 50 e

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