Head-to-Head Comparison

ReadyContacts vs Lead411 vs RainKing

Ready Contacts has been a great partner since we started ShippingEasy. They are wickedly fast and very open to feedback on lead quality, etc as we embark on new campaigns. We have found their leads to be higher quality than any other vendor we have tried.


Founder & CEO, ShippingEasy

Lead411, is a subscription database of 30million+ contacts across industries and is available on a pay per use monthly plan.
Pros: Access to a large database of companies across small & large companies. Affordable monthly pricing. Company level alerts.
Cons: Not technology install data & intelligence. Too large to be accurate at all times. Low hanging contacts so you won’t see “role-based” and such other contacts. Email deliverability is average at best. Not suited for Account-based Marketing.

RainKing is a sales & marketing intelligence database of companies and contacts with coverage of 60,000+ companies. Primarily IT focused.
Pros: Detailed coverage of IT decision makers at mid-to-large companies. Regular validation process for accurate. Sales intelligence alerts.
Cons: IT focused primarily so it is not for wide & generic use. Expensive and not affordable for every company. Limited to no technographic data. You may or may not find the exact slice of contacts for every campaign you run. Several markets like eCommerce carts etc are not covered.

ReadyContacts is a software-powered marketing data company that delivers datasets customized to your exact audience requirements.

With ReadyContacts you don’t have to search millions of records to find the 500 or 5000 or 20,000 contacts you need for your specific campaign. ReadyContacts simply takes in your campaign spec and curates a dataset exactly aligned to your needs - a marketing & sales-ready dataset freshly built, check for deliverability and delivered in a standard format for instant upload.

No cumbersome searches. No stiching files together. No compromising on your targeting. You get One Target accounts you need fitered by size, geo, revenues, industry, technology install as well as any customized criteria Two Contacts that are email validated & curated based on the titles and title-keywords that you are looking for Three & delivered in small or large batches based on your downstream processes.

When you are targeting retail companies in the US who have 20+ locations,
Lead411 & RainKing cannot deliver this segment, where as ReadyContacts can deliver just that. Retailers identified based on the number of location.
When you are looking to target 5000 Salesforce Administration at mid-market companies in the West Coast,
ReadyContacts delivers you just that - companies freshly validated to be using Salesforce and contacts who are confirmed to be administrators of Salesforce at their companies. Delivered with verified email addresses.
What dataset are you looking for?

You're in good company

Large public companies all the way to small garage-stage startups leverage ReadyContacts
to improve their marketing effectiveness & campaign response rates.