SAP Customers in USA

Do you sell to companies using SAP in the United States? Are SAP installs a key segment for your sales & marketing campaigns in the US? Do you have a product that works with SAP or offer a solution to customers who are on SAP? If yes, then this is an apt list of companies using SAP for your targeted account-based marketing campaigns.

We use a 3-pronged process and a proprietary platform for discovery and validation of SAP installs and ensure the highest lest of accuracy. Our 30-60 days validation cycle keeps our SAP customers dataset updated and fresh. This list is available in the standard CSV/XLS format for easy upload to your CRM.

We can also assist with appending specific title-based contacts at these companies based on your specific needs. Please share your contact specifications with us via email at after you buy this list to get started.

What's included?
Company name, Website, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Industry, Revenue, Employees, Full
1,002 Companies
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SAP Customers in USA by Industry
  • Computers & Electronics
  • 126
  • Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, & Biotech
  • 112
  • Energy & Utilities
  • 43
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • 19
  • Software & Internet
  • 43
  • Wholesale & Distribution
  • 25
  • Transportation & Storage
  • 22
SAP Customers in USA by Revenue
  • 0 - 1M
  • 24
  • 1 - 10M
  • 31
  • 10 - 50M
  • 64
  • 100 - 250M
  • 63
  • 250 - 500M
  • 72
  • 50 - 100M
  • 44
  • 500M - 1B
  • 120
  • > 1B
  • 584
SAP Customers in USA by Employees
  • 0 - 25
  • 26
  • 100 - 250
  • 46
  • 10K - 50K
  • 257
  • 1K - 10K
  • 428
  • 25 - 100
  • 36
  • 250 - 1000
  • 53
  • 50K - 100K
  • 83
  • > 100K
  • 73
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How are Readycontacts lists built?At ReadyContacts, we use a deep marketing data aggregation & mining platform coupled with an expert data research team to build highly targeted company and contact datasets for specific needs. All our datasets are freshly built & validated using email deliverability & social profile checks.
  • What is the accuracy guarantee?? All ReadyContacts datasets come with 90% accuracy guarantee for email deliverability for contacts as well as company data. We actively manage our datasets with a 60-90 days refresh cycle to ensure the highest level of accuracy.
  • How can I pay for a Readycontacts list?You can pay via any credit card or PayPal. We use PayPal for processing all credit cart payment to ensure secure transaction processing.
  • Do you offer a discount for multiple list buys? Yes, we do offer bulk purchase discounts for customers as well as partners. Please contact us at to learn more and get a discount on this list.
  • How is the list delivered once I buy it?The list is emailed to your email address upon purchase. Please check you spam and junk folders as the email may sometimes not land in your inbox. If you face a problem, please contact us at
  • What if I need customized version of this list? We are happy to create a customized version of this list. Simply email us at with your specific requirements and we will get back to you with the next steps.

Marketers ReadyContacts

Marketing managers at small & large companies trust us with their ongoing marketing data needs.

Ready Contacts has been a great partner since we started ShippingEasy. They are wickedly fast and very open to feedback on lead quality, etc as we embark on new campaigns. We have found their leads to be higher quality than any other vendor we have tried. Their team is a pleasure to work with and always responsive.


Katie May

Founder & CEO, ShippingEasy

After piloting various data vendors, it was easy to see that ReadyContacts is a cut above. The quality of the contact data us well above industry average and our sales development teams have seen great success tapping into new geos using lead data from ready contacts. Their customer support and responsiveness also making working with them extremely easy.

Anna Jensen

Director of Marketing, DigitalShadows

We had a need for a very specialised dataset to launch a campaign. I approached Ready Contacts to see if they could provide this dataset having tried other providers without any success. Ready Contacts rose to the challenge and provided us with a reliable dataset that met our criteria and allowed us to take on a campaign that we would otherwise have had to abandon.


James Lepper

Account Director, Prospect Research Ltd.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the leads purchased from ReadyContacts. The team there has been extremely easy to work with. They have been very responsive and stand by the quality of their leads. This allows my team to work in a very focused manner when identifying new opportunities in the market.


Jim Everidge

President Rapid Learning Deployment, LLC

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