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In the past; services companies were focused on achieving top-line growth through customer acquisition. Although growth is still very much a business priority; the focus on how this is achieved has evolved. To grow the business and remain competitive; companies are focusing on building stronger; more profitable customer relationships. This means understanding customer needs intimately; and efficiently delivering and supporting solutions that create and capture the most value. Today; customers have more choices than ever. But what they want in their relationships with their service providers is simplicity; convenience and value. Amdocs has envisioned a strategy for our customers' success. We call this strategy integrated customer management. Amdocs is the leading industry expert and trusted advisor that enables and accelerates the journey to integrated customer management and the delivery of an intentional customer experience. Through the unique combination of comprehensive services; a portfolio of integrated; modular products; and unrivaled delivery skills and expertise; Amdocs transforms services companies into customer centric businesses and dynamic service providers. The benefits are increased customer loyalty; higher revenue; lower costs; and greater resulting shareholder value. Our broad portfolio of integrated products spans the entire customer lifecycle; seamlessly linking key customer-facing business processes - targeting customers; selling services; managing customer orders; service delivery fulfillment; billing; and customer support. Our portfolio of industry leading products includes:billing; CRM; self service; order management; mediation; and content revenue management.

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