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55 E Camperdown Way,
Greenville, SC, 29601-3511,

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Bowater was a family-owned paper merchant business that started out in late 19th century England. After more than a century of operations; Bowater has developed to become an international public corporation; and among the largest paper manufacturers in North America. Bowater has operations in Tennessee; Alabama; New Brunswick; Quebec; Mississippi; Nova Scotia; South Korea; Ontario; and Washington with over 7;000 employees. Bowater is a leader in the manufacture of coated and specialty papers and newsprint. Bleached market pulp and lumber are also among our products; with 763;000 acres of timberland owned or leased in the United States and 28 million acres of timber cutting rights in Canada supporting our operations. Bowater also operates 6 recycling plants; as we are one of the worlds largest consumers of recycled magazines and newspapers.

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