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500 Hogsback Rd,
Mason, MI, 48854-9541,


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The Dart story begins with a small machine shop in Mason; Michigan known as Dart Manufacturing Company. Established in 1937; this modest business prospered through the manufacture of such products as plastic key cases; steel tape measures; and identification tags for the armed services. Subsequent experimentation with expandable polystyrene in the late 1950s led to a line of high quality insulated foam cups; and Dart Container Corporation was born. Consumers immediately recognized the benefits of foam cups over the then-popular paper hot cups; and sales took off. These benefits include superior insulation; strength; and durabilityall provided at a lower cost due to Dart's unrivaled proprietary technical innovations. Dart's early success in the foam cup market was further fueled by its commitment; still evident today; to providing our customers with excellent service and products of consistently high quality. Succeeding years saw many new lines added to the Dart product mix. Today; Dart manufactures a broad range of quality single-use products for the foodservice; retail; and food packaging industries; and is the world's largest manufacturer of foam cups. In order to ensure that we provide our customers with consistent product quality and a dependable source of supply; Dart manufactures most of its own production equipment and raw materials. We then turn those raw materials into finished products and use Dart trucks to deliver them to points 'across the globe.'

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