Dayton Power & Light aka DPL,INC

1065 Woodman Dr,
Dayton, OH, 45432-1423,

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DPL Inc. (NYSE:DPL) is a regional energy company. DPL's principal subsidiaries include the Dayton Power and Light Company (DP&L); DPL Energy; LLC (DPLE); and DPL Energy Resources; Inc. (DPLER). DP&L; a regulated electric utility; provides service to over 515;000 retail customers in West Central Ohio; DPLE engages in the operation of peaking generation facilities; and DPLER is a competitive retail electric supplier in Ohio; selling to major industrial and commercial customers. DPL; through its subsidiaries; owns and operates approximately 3;750 megawatts of generation capacity; of which 2;850 megawatts are low cost coal-fired units and 900 megawatts are natural gas and diesel peaking units.

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