Flowers Foods, Inc.

1919 Flowers Cir,
Thomasville, GA, 31757-1137,

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Look for Flowers Foods in your breadbox; not your garden -- the company is one of the largest wholesale bakeries in the US. Its Flowers Bakeries unit produces; markets; and distributes fresh breads; buns; rolls; and bakery goodies to retail and foodservice customers throughout the southern US. The company's brand names include ButterKrust; Cobblestone Mill; and Nature's Own. The company's Flowers Specialty division makes snack cakes and frozen bread products for retail; vending; and co-pack customers nationwide. Flowers Bakeries also rolls out hamburger buns for foodservice chains such as Burger King; Hardee's; Outback Steakhouse; Wendy's; and Whataburger.

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