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From turbines to TV; from household appliances to power plants; General Electric (GE) is plugged in to most of the businesses that have shaped the modern world. The company produces -- take a deep breath -- aircraft engines; locomotives and other transportation equipment; kitchen and laundry appliances; lighting; electric distribution and control equipment; generators and turbines; and medical imaging equipment. GE is also one of the preeminent financial services companies in the US. General Electric Capital; comprising commercial finance; consumer finance; aircraft leasing; and energy financial services; represents the company's largest segment. Other operations include the NBC television network. Although financial services is its biggest segment; the company's raison d'etre for most of its existence has been its appliances unit. In 2008 the company announced plans to sell or spin off its appliance manufacturing business. GE cited slow growth and a too-volatile market of late; as every sector related to residential construction and real estate has taken a hit from the residential meltdown. LG Electronics; Haier Group; Electrolux; and Controladora Comercial Mexicana are among the candidates thought to be interested in buying the appliance business. Preparing for the spinoff of its consumer products operations; GE in 2008 reorganized around its four core businesses: GE Capital; GE Technology Infrastructure (including the company's health care; aviation; and transportation operation); GE Energy Infrastruce

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