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Since its humble beginnings in Sweden in 1958(May); Ikea has risen to become a common household name around the world; with over 200 stores in over 30 countries.Applying the Costco high volume model to home furnishings; IKEA focuses on 'providing functional; well-designed furniture at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.' If you go to any IKEA store; the first thing you'll notice is the scale of the operation.A typical IKEA building spans multiple city blocks (probably why you never see one downtown); includes multiple-tiered parking structures; and offers a variety of shopping climates to suit just about every need you could have (daycare and dining included).Customers wander through a maze of pre-furnished rooms (yellow brick road included) to get at realistic taste for the variety of fashions and furnishings IKEA has to offer.You're encouraged to get a feel for the environments created by different configurations in each setting.IKEA provides a scorecard of sorts that you can use to keep track of which items or styles struck your fancy. Whats Your StyleJust as at one of their physical locations; offers vignettes of decorated rooms to get you started browsing.Once you develop a sense for what styles appeal to you; IKEA advises you on which products best suit your needs. Ask the SpecialistsIn case you have any questions; click on 'Just Ask Anna' and you can talk online to the IKEA help center on whatever problems you might encounter. This is a highly praised feature of Planner ToolThe downloadable planner tool will virtually design your home the way you want to based on preferences you provide it. If online browsing isn't your thing; you can sign up to receive a mailing of the IKEA catalogue (shown above on the right). Inter IKEA Systems B.V. owns the IKEA concept and is committed to the expansion of IKEA's core market.Franchising has IKEA to maintain its dominance in the world furnishings market by vastly increasing the accessibility of the brand.If you're interested in reading more about IKEA's franchise history; the site provides a chronology of store openings worldwide.

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