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Different Information about IBC and its products Interstate Bakeries Corporation IBC or also known as Interstate Brands Corporation is the leader in bakery across the United States of America. As the biggest producer and distributor of bread and snack cakes IBC has only two main units. The Primary unit is the Wholesale Baking Division and second one is the Retail Bakery Outlets. In addition; the Wholesale Division has two Business Units; a headquartered in the east located in Kansas City; Missouri and another one in the west located in Phoenix; Arizona. The Group covers a large variety of products including different snacks; cakes; donuts; bread and many other bakery related products. With 52 operating bakeries spread across the United States and approximately 30 thousand employs; the company manages to deliver its baked products to more than 200.000 food stores; shops or markets. IBCs primary activities are to produce and distribute fresh bakery and related goods such as croutons; stuffing and cakes in the States and to promote its products and services. All these products are distribute using more than 9000 delivery routes and just about 1000 thrift stores operated by the company. Furthermore; Interstate Bakeries Corporation is the owner of many different brands such as Butternut Breads; Drakes; Wonder Bread; Dolly Madison; Hostess etc.

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