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Life Technologies Corp.; (NASDAQ: LIFE) - On November 21; 2008; Invitrogen Corporation and Applied Biosystems Inc announced the completion of their merger transaction. Effective November 24; 2008; the two companies merged to form a new company under the name; Life Technologies Corporation. Invitrogen Corporation; has been a developer; manufacturer and marketer of research tools in reagent; kit and high-throughput applications forms to customers engaged in life sciences research; drug discovery; diagnostics and the commercial manufacture of biological products. The Company is also a supplier of sera; cell and tissue culture media and reagents used in life sciences research; as well as in processes to grow cells in the laboratory and produce pharmaceuticals and other proteins. Invitrogen's products include gel-based separations technologies; antibodies and transfection agents. The Company focuses its business into two segments: BioDiscovery and Cell Systems. On

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