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NSTAR is one of the largest gas and electric utility that is based in Massachussetts. Its assets and revenues reached $11.4 billion combined. The company provides gas and electricity to 51 communities and has over 1 million electric customers.NSTARs commitment to the environment is seen through its programs and business practices. NSTAR has disassociated itself from its fossil and nuclear generating assets; while engaging in waste management; remediating spills; assisting a huge manufacturer in researching the feasibility of new vegetable; non-toxic oil-based electric fluid for equipment; and protecting waterways; wetlands; and species in the area.In January 2007; the compnay began to offer renewable energy through NSTAR Green. NSTAR Green allows customers the option of having half or all their electricity from the Maple Ridge Wind Farm in New York. The program is one of the initiatives we are taking towards renewable energy for our commitment to the environment.

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