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Spokane, WA, 99201-0644,


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PotlatchPotlatch Corporation is a real estate investment trust; or REIT; that owns and manages 1.5 million acres of timberlands located in Arkansas; Idaho and Minnesota and a 17;000-acre hybrid poplar plantation in Oregon. Through a taxable REIT subsidiary we also operate 15 manufacturing facilities that are engaged in the production of commodity wood products and bleached pulp products. The company traces its history to the founding in 1903 of Potlatch Lumber Co. Potlatch's 4;200 employees are dedicated to managing our timberlands for sustainable growth; manufacturing high-quality; value-added products; and enhancing the value of Potlatch stock for our investors. Use of this Web site indicates the user's agreement to the Legal Fine Print contained herein. Copyright2006 Potlatch Corporation. All rights reserved.

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