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Indianapolis, IN, 46204-5112,

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By managing energy supplies and prices; offering reliable delivery and bringing it all together with a remarkably personal level of customer service; ProLiance Energy has become a leader in the natural gas marketing industry. Simply put; we take care of our customers energy needs so they can focus on their core businesses. More than 100 ProLiance energy professionals serve a wide range of customers in 18 states from our Indianapolis headquarters and sales offices in Illinois; Kentucky; Michigan; Ohio; Texas and Tennessee. Working for a customer base that includes national manufacturers; local schools and hospitals; and large electric and natural gas utilities; we manage more than 475 billion cubic feet of natural gas; and administer thousands of transactions on nearly two dozen interstate pipelines. Our employees understand that energy is no longer a commodity business. Today; its a service business and a knowledge business; so we deal with customers on a one-to-one basis. Because each customers energy needs are unique; we act as advisors and advocates. Using our familiarity with local utilities and pipeline services and knowledge of federal; state; and local tariffs; we provide expert guidance to customers on regulatory and delivery issues. The broad diversity and extensive industry experience our employees bring to ProLiance fosters innovative solutions for the most challenging situations and extraordinary needs.

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