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Saks Incorporated started out as Proffitts Inc.; in Knoxville; Tennessee; and became a public company in 1987. During 1994 to 1998; we added some brands such as McRaes; Parisian; Youngkers; and additional stores from Lovemans; Hess; Parks-Belk; and Brodys. During September of 1998; through a merger transaction wherein Saks Fifth Avenue and OFF 5th outlet stores became a division of Proffitts Inc.; the corporate name became Saks Incorporated. We acquired Club Libby Lu in 2003 to cater to the tween girls; aged 6-12; with a mission to provide an environment that encourages girls to express their imagination and individuality.Today; 54 Saks Fifth Avenue stores are in operation; with 49 OFF 5th stores; and; and 90 Club Libby Lu locations across the country.Saks Fifth Avenue is located throughout the states; and is recognized as an icon in style for discerning consumers. Saks carries premium designer collections for men and women; together with luxurious accessories; cosmetics and home furnishings with a superb customer service that can be highly personalized.OFF 5th remains to be a foremost leader in the retail industry when it comes discount designer clothing and accessories. OFF 5th carries Saks Fifth Avenue clothing for men; women; children and home with considerable value of 40 to 70% off the original price.Club Libby Lu continues to provide girls with a place to hang out; shop; have birthday parties; and experiment with products such as making their own lip gloss or shimmering bath gel. Membership at the club is free. There are Club Counselors for each Club Libby Lu; treating each member like a true V.I.P. that defines as the Very Important Princess.Saks Incorporated is listed under the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol SKS.

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