Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co. (STBUSA)

111 River St,
Hoboken, NJ, 07030-5773,

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SumitomoTrust & Banking Co. (U.S.A.); ('STBUSA'); was originallyestablished in 1987 as a NewYork Statechartered   trust and banking company; insured bythe Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. STBUSA is a wholly-ownedsubsidiary of The Sumitomo Trust and Banking Co.; Ltd. of Japan;which is one of Japan'smajor trust banks.  In May 2002; STBUSA relocatedits office to New Jerseyand became a New JerseyStatechartered trust and banking company; insured by the Federal DepositInsurance Corporation. STBUSA's mission is to provide world-class globalcustody services and securities lending* services for mainly Japaneseinstitutional investors; their overseas branches and affiliates; and tothe financial institutions responsible for their investments.

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