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Since its foundation in 1899; Suntory has consistently demonstrated a challenging spirit as expressed by the phrase; 'Yatte Minahare'Go for it!; and conducted energetic corporate activities. Our path to the present has been characterized by a succession of unrelenting challenges and successful ventures. We have not confined ourselves to the alcoholic beverage and food businesses; for example; but have entered such fields as health foods; food service and flowers. We have also extended our operations overseas to Asia; centered on China; and to the United States; moreover; as well as to the operation of distinguished distilleries and chteaux in Europe. Based on our 'Principle of Dividing Profits Three Ways;' which espouses returning one-third of our profits to society; we have conducted wide-ranging social contribution activities since the early days of our history. Our original CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities range from administration of nursing homes for the elderly and nursery schools for children and operation of the Suntory Museum of Art and Suntory Hall to positive promotion of environmental preservation activities; including water source cultivation and preservation. Our corporate message; 'Water for Life; Suntory' embodies our corporate philosophy of carefully fostering water; an essential symbol of Nature; with the aim of realizing symbiosis between people and the natural environment. Today; the Suntory Group continues to pursue its tradition of innovation and challenge with the aim of being a 'Growing and; Good Company' that continually creates new value.

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