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7111 Fairway Dr Ste 201,
Palm Beach Gardens, FL, 33418-4205,


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TBC Corporation is the nation's largest vertically integrated marketer of tires for the automotive replacement market. The Company's retail operations include Company-operated tire and automotive service centers under the ' Tire Kingdom'; 'Merchant's Tire and; Auto Centers' and 'National Tire and; Battery' brands; and franchised stores under the 'Big O Tires' brand. TBC markets on a wholesale basis to regional tire chains and distributors serving independent tire dealers throughout the United States; Canada; and Mexico. Through its Carroll Tire wholesale distribution centers; the Company also markets directly to independent tire dealers in the eastern and southeastern United States. TBC's five proprietary brand of private label tires; which include Multi-Mile; Cordovan; Sigma; Vanderbilt; and Big O; are produced by nationally recognized manufacturers and have a reputation for quality; safety; and value. These brands are distributed through TBC Private Brands to wholesalers also throughout the United States; Canada; and Mexico.

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