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Worldwide Headquarters, 307 Constitution Drive. ,,
Menlo Park, CA, 94025,


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Today; Tyco Thermal Controls is a global company providing optimal solutions for various applications involving heat tracing; floor heating; snow melting and; de-icing; temperature measurement; wiring; and leak detection systems. With operations in 48 countries and experience in managing projects around the globe; Tyco Thermal Controls is the ideal partner for companies worldwide. Currently; we manufacture and distribute products and provide services under brand names such as Raychem . The roots of Tyco Thermal Controls can be traced back to Raychem Corporation which was based in Menlo Park; CA. The following paragraphs contain a short history of how Tyco Thermal Controls came into existence and how it has transformed into a world leader in heat-tracing solutions. In 1957; Raychem (formed from Radiation Chemistry) Corporation was founded by Paul Cook; an inventor and engineer. Among its many achievements; Raychem has been renowned for more than thirty years as the inventors and purveyors of self regulating heat-tracing technology. Raychem acquired Chemelex in 1969 for their for their Celotherm constant wattage heater technology. From there Raychem invented the world's first self regulating heating cable that soon became the industry standard for pipe freeze protection and temperature maintenance applications. Over the next 20 years; Raychem continued Rand;D focus in the area of polymer science and continued to develop and market innovative solutions. Finally; In 1998 Raychem acquired Thorin and; Thorin - a Swedish Floor heating specialist - and entered the underfloor heating market; a business which continues to grow today on a worldwide level.

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