U.S. Oil Co., Inc.

5625 S Union Rd,
Manitowoc, WI, 54220-9107,


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U.S. Oil Co.; Inc. is a group of growth-oriented businesses who are leaders in their respective markets; focused primarily on the petroleum and distribution industries. Grow profitable businesses through aggressive sales and marketing programs and acquisitions into new geographic areas; focus on serving our customers' needs and helping them to remain profitable and growing; and continually strive to operate more efficiently; develop our associates to their maximum potentials; create an enjoyable work environment; and deliver above average returns to our shareholders; while being responsible to the community. We operate our business from a base of integrity and competence; our associates are honest and trustworthy. Our relationships are based on mutual trust and respect. We value and reward associates who are hardworking; set high expectations and goals; support continual learning; and believe in a high performance culture. Our associates are trained to focus on doing the right things; doing them right; and doing them with a sense of urgency. We emphasize long-term growth in the value of our businesses and entrepreneurial spirit; we embrace change and are innovative; opportunistic; and willing to take a risk to grow the company. We are customer focused; understanding and meeting their future needs while adding value to the process. Our associates enjoy working together in a team atmosphere for the greater good of the company. We are a family-minded company and believe in contributing to the communities we serve.

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