A Hoovers Alternative

ReadyContacts is the best alternative to Hoovers in terms of data, coverage, quality and a lot more.

Hoovers, owned by D&B, is a large subscription database of companies & contacts around the world.
Pros: Hoovers has wide coverage of companies and is great for building account lists. Its global so you can get data across all the major countries.
Cons: Contacts are largely at the management level. Companies do not have tech install & other intelligence necessary for segmentation. Email addresses are missing. A large database inherently suffers from a percentage of records going bad everyday. You may or may not find the "segment of data" that is needed for your campaign.

ReadyContacts is a far better alternative if you believe in focused targeting, account-based marketing, segmentation & personalization of your campaigns and overall put quality above quantity.

We build every dataset fresh - so we identify target companies based on your specs (geo, installs, size & other customizable factors) and discover contacts based on your exact titles. We have built software to do this with speed & accuracy and layer in a curation process to ensure aligned with the spec. This ensures that the dataset delivered is fresh, accuracy and fully aligned to your exact needs.

We DO NOT aggregate data across other providers and simply query and deliver. This does not work. First, the data gathered from other large databases is inherently inaccurate. Second, large databases rarely have companies identified by the criterion you may need like companies using Salesforce or retailers in US with 20+ location and so on, which our process can deliver with easy. Lastly, the contacts you may need may not exist in a large subscription database and that severely limits your ability to target. With ReadyContacts, you can fine tune the contacts based on titles and title keywords.

Lets take a couple of examples.
A ReadyContacts customer was looking to sell to ecommerce stores using Magento or Shopify and having 1-20 physical locations, as they sell software that connects the cloud ecommerce carts to retail POS systems. We were able to solve this problem and deliver a highly curated dataset to them.
Another ReadyContacts customer was looking to create a wide audience of "localization" and "translation" related decision makers at companies in the US and UK above a certain size. Our system was able to create a total audience of 30,000+ contacts that were fully aligned to the exact spec shared by the customer.

In either of the cases, A Hoovers Alternative would not have been able to give them the data they were looking for.