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Desc: Get the full list of ET500 companies - a curated list of companies in India ranked by revenue. Included full company information and segmentation fields.


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Do you sell to companies in India? Is India an important market for you for your sales & marketing campaigns? If it is, then this is an apt list of companies in India ranked by revenue, based on the ET500 list published in 2016.

We have created a fully curated list of top 500 companies in India by revenue complete with all standard company fields and made available in a CSV/XLS format for easy import. You can segment Indian companies by industry, revenue, employees and geography and create a segment that is ideal for your sales & marketing needs. If you are marketing in India, then this is your best list of companies in India to start with.

Do you also need decision makers identified at these top companies in India? Do you have specific titles that are your key decision makers and influencers? Let us know via email at [email protected] after you buy this list and we can create a customized contact list as well at these top Indian companies.

Here’s why our data is better

We put freshness & accuracy ahead of everything here at ReadyContacts and it shows in our data that is software-powered & human-curated.

  • Freshness Our data is always freshly validated prior to delivery.
  • Accuracy Our multi-step software & human review process ensures the highest accuracy.
  • Targeting We are able to find highly specific target audiences for your needs.
  • Comprehensive We find every prospect out there for your campaign specification.
  • Intelligence Our datasets come backed with detailed & actionable intelligence.
  • Guarantee We promise 90% accuracy across all datasets & stand by it.

List of Companies in India ET500: FAQs

How are Readycontacts lists built?

At ReadyContacts, we use a deep marketing data aggregation & mining platform coupled with an expert data research team to build highly targeted company and contact datasets for specific needs. All our datasets are freshly built & validated using email deliverability & social profile checks.

Do you offer a discount for multiple list buys?

Yes, we do offer bulk purchase discounts for customers as well as partners. Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more and get a discount on this list.

How can I pay for a Readycontacts list?

You can pay via any credit card or PayPal. We use PayPal for processing all credit cart payment to ensure secure transaction processing.

What is the accuracy guarantee?

All ReadyContacts datasets come with 90% accuracy guarantee for email deliverability for contacts as well as company data. We actively manage our datasets with a 60-90 days refresh cycle to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

How is the list delivered once I buy it?

The list is emailed to your email address upon purchase. Please check you spam and junk folders as the email may sometimes not land in your inbox. If you face a problem, please contact us at [email protected]

What if I need customized version of this list?

We are happy to create a customized version of this list. Simply email us at [email protected] with your specific requirements and we will get back to you with the next steps.