NRF 2020 Data

Get highly curated database of exhibitors, decision maker contacts and speakers at the NRF 2020. We comprehensively gather this data, append full company and contact information and make it available in a simple CSV format for all your marketing, sales and research needs.






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"After piloting various data vendors, it was easy to see that ReadyContacts is a cut above."

Anna Jensen

Anna Jensen

Director of Marketing, DigitalShadows
Company Name Title
4R Systems CEO at 4R Systems
6 River Systems, Inc. Co-Founder at 6 River Systems, Inc.
7thonline, Inc. CEO at 7thonline, Inc.
80 Acres Farms Cofounder and CEO at 80 Acres Farms
Accenture Chief Executive Officer at Accenture
Accuvia Software Group CEO at Accuvia Software Group
Acoustic CEO at Acoustic
ALTO USA Chief Operating Officer at ALTO USA
AML President at AML
Amperity CTO at Amperity

Get a targeted slice of this data for your campaigns

How do we build this data

At Ready, we use state-of-the-art software and context-driven human research to identify and track companies & contacts across global markets. Then we use a multi-step process to validate and weed out false positives and refresh our data every 90 days.

How to customize this data for your needs

You can requested a customized slice of this dataset by sharing filters for geography, industry, size and other specific needs you may have. We also identify specific decision makers based on titles & roles.

Here’s why our data is better

We put freshness & accuracy ahead of everything here at ReadyContacts and it shows in our data that is software-powered & human-curated.

  • Freshness Our data is always freshly validated prior to delivery.
  • Accuracy Our multi-step software & human review process ensures the highest accuracy.
  • Targeting We are able to find highly specific target audiences for your needs.
  • Comprehensive We find every prospect out there for your campaign specification.
  • Intelligence Our datasets come backed with detailed & actionable intelligence.
  • Guarantee We promise 90% accuracy across all datasets & stand by it.

NRF 2020 Data: FAQs

What Is NRF 2020?

The National Retail Federation(NRF) organizes the NRF Annual Convention & EXPO. It is the annual flagship event for retailers from around the world. It's a 3-day event hosted in New York City. NRF 2020 saw more than 35,000 vendors from 90 countries. The massive NRF 2020 list was recorded as participants hopped in from all corners of the world for educational and networking purposes. These events are major junctions to give your career a boost-up by interacting with professionals from different kinds of industries. The NRF 2020 Data list also records more than 300 speakers on the podium who spoke throughout the 3-day events on various topics affecting the industry. The NRF exhibitor list recorded more than 800 exhibitors. The NRF 2020 attendees list saw more than 40,000 attendees who participated in over 200 sessions.

How Is It Growing?

NRF 2020 saw a considerable boost in the NRF 2020 attendees list, which reflects the event's prospects. It is attracting fresh verticals such as jewelry and consumer packaged goods. The NRF exhibitor list has taken it to the top-200 events in North America and is consistently gaining ranks among the top-50 retail events around the world.

Why Is It Important?

The NRF 2020 data list speaks volumes of the significant rise in the number of attendees who are looking forward to investing in projects. The NRF 2020 data list speaks volumes of the significant rise in the number of attendees who are looking forward to investing in projects. The event opens up various avenues and makes retail flexible and viable for all types of aspirants.

Why Is It An Important Target Account List?

NRF 2020 list is considered as an important target account list because of the wide range of avenues it provides when it comes to sales and marketing. The NRF 2020 exhibitor CSV provides a potential opportunity to spearhead a robust marketing campaign to get or attract leads.

How To Get It Via Ready?

You can easily get access to NRF 2020 exhibitor CSV by coming to our website and giving us your specifications. You can talk to our experts about your needs. The expert consultant shall help you get the right NRF 2020 data list to help you target the right audience or potential customers. You get to download NRF 2020 exhibitor XLS and gain traction for your needs.

How To Get Started With A Free Sample?

Ready provides you with a free sample wherein you just have to enter your details for the free sample. A free sample of your choice, according to your industry, will be sent to you. You can either land up with an NRF 2020 list or any other list.