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Do you sell to companies who use Akamai? Do you have a product that works with Akamai? Do you offer Akamai consulting and implementation services? If you do, then you’ll love our actively-managed database of Akamai users.

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Some of the companies that use Akamai include:

Company Name Industry Country Company Size
ACKLANDS GRAINGER Canada Wholesale & Distribution Canada 1K - 10K
Hessischer Rundfunk Broadcast Media 1K - 10K
Volvo Trucks UK Automotive United Kingdom 10K - 50K
Zalora Group Internet Singapore 1K - 10K
MERCK France Pharmaceuticals France 1K - 10K
Roche Diagnostics Nederland Hospital & Health Care 10K - 50K

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How do we build this data

At Ready, we use state-of-the-art software and context-driven human research to identify and track companies using Akamai across global markets. We use a multi-step process to validate and weed out false positives and refresh our data every 90 days.

How to customize this data for your needs:

You can requested a customized slice of our full Akamai customers database by sharing filters for geography, industry, size and other specific needs you may have. We also identify specific decision makers based on titles & roles.

Here’s why our data is better

We put freshness & accuracy ahead of everything here at ReadyContacts and it shows in our data that is software-powered & human-curated.

  • Freshness Our data is always freshly validated prior to delivery.
  • Accuracy Our multi-step software & human review process ensures the highest accuracy.
  • Targeting We are able to find highly specific target audiences for your needs.
  • Comprehensive We find every prospect out there for your campaign specification.
  • Intelligence Our datasets come backed with detailed & actionable intelligence.
  • Guarantee We promise 90% accuracy across all datasets & stand by it.

Akamai Customers Coverage

We track Akamai customer insights globally and across verticals. Here’s a quick snapshot of the coverage we have for list of companies who use Akamai and where they belong.

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Submit your specifications for a Akamai customer list based on your sales & marketing campaign needs.

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Ready creates a freshly validated sample dataset of Akamai customers with contacts & shares the overall counts for your specification.

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Once you review the sample, you can finalize any tweaks to the Akamai customers data specifications & purchase the full set of records or a part of them.

Akamai Customers List: FAQs

Hey, So What's Akamai?

Akamai Technologies is a company that provides a secure global content delivery network. Akamai's network is one of the largest in the world, and some of the leading security-conscious organizations feature in Akamai customer list. Akamai provides services that ensure cloud and enterprise security, improved performance for mobile and web applications, high-quality streaming services, and seamless integration with the existing developer workflow for a long list of Akamai customers. Companies who use Akamai get access to their security features, prolific global presence, and uninterrupted service. With a network of over 300,000 servers in over 130 countries, list of Akamai customers keeps growing day by day.

And Who Uses Akamai?

Akamai clients list consists of any company that wants to deliver high-quality content to its customer instantaneously. Companies and websites using Akamai can gain a competitive advantage over their rivals. Akamai empowers enterprises to adopt cloud-based solutions without experiencing any security threats or delays. List of companies using Akamai will, therefore, comprise some of the biggest names in the world as well as many small businesses that want to leverage the power of the cloud to improve their mobile and web application performance.

Here's All About Companies Who Use Akamai

Akamai's services are trustworthy enough that some of the biggest companies in the world figure in Akamai customer list. A few examples of companies who use Akamai are Apple, Microsoft, Al-Jazeera, NewsMarket, BBC, Adobe, Airbnb, Pearson Education, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, J. C. Penney, Hilton Worldwide, ESPN, NASA, etc.

What industries is Akamai most popular in?

Akamai is a versatile CDN that can cater to the needs of every industry, including automotive, financial services, digital publishing, healthcare, media, manufacturing, hospitality and travel, online gaming, software and technology, Software as a Service, retail, and public sector.

Want to know the most common alternatives to Akamai?

Some of the common alternatives to Akamai for website using Akamai are CloudFlare, CloudFront, Incapsula, MaxCDN, KeyCDN, Uploadcare, etc.

Have questions about Ready's Akamai customers list?

Readycontacts provides a detailed Akamai customers email list that includes company name, website, number of employees, phone number, industry, and mailing address. The Akamai contact list from Readycontacts is always thorough and accurate. Customers can also get targeted Akamai user list by filtering the Akamai customer list by country, industry, city, and various other options. Readycontacts only provides the most up-to-date and accurate list of companies using Akamai that is also backed by actionable intelligence.