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Do you sell to companies who use MedeAnalytics? Do you have a product that works with MedeAnalytics? Do you offer MedeAnalytics consulting and implementation services? If you do, then you’ll love our actively-managed database of MedeAnalytics users.

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Sample Records of the Companies that use MedeAnalytics :

Company Name Industry Country Company Size
Bon Secours Mercy Health Healthcare United States 49k to 50k
Presbyterian Healthcare Services Healthcare United States 12k to 13k
SSM Health Healthcare United States 20k to 22k
UnityPoint Health Healthcare United States 30k to 32k
York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Healthcare United Kingdom 4k to 5k
Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust Healthcare United Kingdom 15k to 17k
Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Healthcare United Kingdom 1k to 2k
Bolton NHS Foundation Trust Healthcare United Kingdom 4k to 5k
Nuffield Health Healthcare United Kingdom 8k to 10k
Sifam Manufacturing Taiwan 2k to 3k
VELUX Manufacturing Denmark 11k to 12k
Vestas Energy Denmark 29k to 30k
Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Denmark 48k to 49k

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How do we build this data

At Ready, we use state-of-the-art software and context-driven human research to identify and track companies using MedeAnalytics across global markets. We use a multi-step process to validate and weed out false positives and refresh our data every 90 days.

How to customize this data for your needs:

You can requested a customized slice of our full MedeAnalytics customers database by sharing filters for geography, industry, size and other specific needs you may have. We also identify specific decision makers based on titles & roles.

Here’s why our data is better

We put freshness & accuracy ahead of everything here at ReadyContacts and it shows in our data that is software-powered & human-curated.

  • Freshness Our data is always freshly validated prior to delivery.
  • Accuracy Our multi-step software & human review process ensures the highest accuracy.
  • Targeting We are able to find highly specific target audiences for your needs.
  • Comprehensive We find every prospect out there for your campaign specification.
  • Intelligence Our datasets come backed with detailed & actionable intelligence.
  • Guarantee We promise 90% accuracy across all datasets & stand by it.

MedeAnalytics Customers Coverage

We track MedeAnalytics customer insights globally and across verticals. Here’s a quick snapshot of the coverage we have for list of companies who use MedeAnalytics and where they belong.

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Submit your specifications for a MedeAnalytics customer list based on your sales & marketing campaign needs.

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Ready creates a freshly validated sample dataset of MedeAnalytics customers with contacts & shares the overall counts for your specification.

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Once you review the sample, you can finalize any tweaks to the MedeAnalytics customers data specifications & purchase the full set of records or a part of them.

MedeAnalytics Customers List: FAQs

What is MedeAnalytics?

MedeAnalytics is a healthcare analytics company that provides data-driven insights and solutions to help healthcare organizations improve their operational efficiency and financial performance.

How many customers does MedeAnalytics have?

MedeAnalytics has a large and diverse customer base, serving over 1,500 healthcare organizations, including hospitals, health systems, physician groups, and payers.

Who uses MedeAnalytics?

MedeAnalytics is used by healthcare organizations of all sizes, from small community hospitals to large integrated health systems, as well as physician groups and payers.

Which companies use MedeAnalytics?

MedeAnalytics serves a wide range of healthcare organizations across the United States, including well-known companies such as Anthem, Kaiser Permanente, and Texas Health Resources.

What industries is MedeAnalytics most popular in?

MedeAnalytics is most popular in the healthcare industry, specifically in the areas of hospital and health system operations, revenue cycle management, and population health management.

What are some popular alternatives to MedeAnalytics?

Some popular alternatives to MedeAnalytics include Health Catalyst, OptumInsight, and IBM Watson Health.

What is to be expected from Ready's MedeAnalytics client list?

Ready's MedeAnalytics client list provides a comprehensive and up-to-date list of healthcare organizations that use MedeAnalytics, including their contact information and industry details. This list can be a valuable resource for businesses looking to connect with potential MedeAnalytics customers or partners.