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We are the largest specialty retailer of automotive parts and accessories in the Western United States and one of the largest such retailers in the United States; based on store count. We have the number one market position in 22 of the 32 geographic markets in which we operate; based on store count. As of December 19; 2005; we operated 1;263 stores in 22 states under four brand names: We offer a broad selection of national brand name; private-label and generic automotive products for domestic and imported cars and light trucks. Our products include new and remanufactured automotive replacement parts; maintenance items and accessories. Our stores average approximately 7;200 square feet in size and typically offer a store specific mix averaging approximately 17;500 stock-keeping units; or SKUs. We also operate a highly efficient network of strategically located depots to provide approximately 75% of our stores an additional 65;000 SKUs on a same-day delivery basis. Through our extensive on-line vendor network; we make available up to an additional 250;000 SKUs on a same-day delivery basis to approximately 75% of our stores and up to 1;000;000 additional SKUs on a next-day delivery basis to substantially all of our stores. We serve both the do-it-yourself (DIY) and the commercial installer; or do-it-for-me (DIFM); markets. The DIY market; which is comprised of consumers who typically repair and maintain vehicles themselves; is the foundation of our business. Sales to the DIY market represented approximately 83% of our net sales for fiscal 2004. The DIFM market is comprised of auto repair professionals; fleet owners; governments and municipalities and is forecast to account for over 72% of the annual sales in the U.S. automotive aftermarket industry in 2005; according to statistics published by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association. Sales to the DIFM market represented approximately 17% of our net sales for fiscal 2004. In 1994; we began targeting the DIFM market to leverage our existing store base; fixed costs; inventory and in-store personnel. We believe we are well positioned to effectively and profitably further penetrate the highly fragmented DIFM market because of our sales force dedicated to DIFM customers; experienced in-store sales associates; level of customer service; conveniently located stores; efficient depot delivery network; attractive pricing; and ability to provide timely availability of a broad selection of national brand name products.

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