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Cleveland, OH, 44114-3404,

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Headquartered in Cleveland; Ohio the National City Corporation was founded in 1845 by a group of businessmen. It belongs to the league of top ten banks of United States. The bank has a network of branches in Florida; Illinois; Indiana; Kentucky; Missouri; Michigan; Ohio; Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. It also caters to the needs of customers in other selected markets of the country.1845 - The Ohio Bank Act of 1845 came into existence 1845 - Reuben Sheldon and Theodoric C. Severance organize The City Bank of Cleveland 1858 - City Bank helps in establishing Cleveland's first clearinghouse association in order to facilitate exchange between associated banks. 1863 - First National Bank of Louisville was chartered.1865 - City Bank of Cleveland becomes National City Bank of Cleveland; also bagging the right to print federal money which lasted until the twentieth century when Federal Reserve took that charge. 1871 - First National Bank; Dayton was founded this year. 1921 - National City Bank moves to new address on the corner of Euclid Ave. and East Sixth St.1929 - National City Bank grows its assets to $40 million.1933 - The National Banking Act of 1933 (the Glass-Steagall Act) is made law. 1934 - On January 1; FDIC insurance is introduced. 1945 - Assets grows to $500 million in its 100th year. 1962 - Computerized its saving deposit accounts and assets reach a billion dollar. 1967 - First National Bank of Louisville introduced the first MasterCard. 1971 - National City Bank becomes first Cleveland bank to install cash dispenser machines. 1972 - National City Bank's assets cross $2 billion mark. 1973 - A new holding company; National City Corporation; is created with National City Bank as its lead bank and primary subsidiary. 1980 - National City Bank earnings fall slightly for the first time in 17 years. 1982 - National City Bank back on track of growth in annual earnings. 1995 - National City marks its 150th Anniversary with $32 billion in assets; 640 branches and 20;000 employees.1997 - National City merges with First of America creating the 13th largest banking organization in the U.S. at that time in terms of total assets.1998 - Launched online banking. 2006 - National City sells First Franklin group to Merrill Lynch and; Co. for $1.3 billion.2007 - National City purchases the naming rights for Riverbend Music Center's new pavilion that will open in June 2008.

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