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Having worked with companies in the telecommunications and messaging technology space we've also understood the importance of being able to build very focused role based lists of telecom decision makers within their target accounts as a source for leads. While in larger organizations there can be a more distinct telecom department headed by a 'V

B2B Lead Generation: Telecom Business Contact Lists

It's great to see a SEM campaign that you have recently invested in generating a few hundred or so inbound leads. Just how much of those are really qualified to go into your lead nurturing process or how many of them are sales ready? It's common to see leads generated through online ad clicks go straight to a CRM and enter the lead nurturing str

SEM & The Importance Of B2B Lead Qualification

I was going through an interesting post by Chris Golec of Demandbase titled "The 5 Key Elements of Microtargeting" and it's a great read since the practice of microtargeting campaigns to get better results is gaining in popularity among marketers and salespersons. From our own experience, we know that communicating highly relevant messages to focus

Think Small!: Microtargeting Starts With Quality B2B Lead Lists

If you are a user and have an active account with a good amount of data being updated regularly within the CRM, then you would also have noticed the need to have your Salesforce data cleaned. If your sales machine is more efficient by using a great technology platform like, then

Salesforce Data Cleansing Solutions - For A Spotless CRM

Migration from one CRM system to another or even switching from managing customer data in spreadsheets to or some other CRM can be tedious. Once you have your new CRM configured and ready to use, although adding new records that were not previously there is quite simple, shifting previous data into your new CRM often needs a good

Planning A CRM Data Migration? Here Are A Few Quick Tips

Here is the report on the conversion of qualified web leads to opportunities generated between Saturday and Sunday with an estimated closing time of between 2 and 3 weeks. Here is another report of total leads generated by various channels and the return on investment for the first half of last month. Here is the ratio of emails sent with projec

Metrics Shmetrics Who Needs All That B2B Lead Analytics

Coming across an interesting read on how many startups end up hiring highly experienced salespersons and executives from Fortune500 companies only to realize it doesn't always work out in every case. It got us thinking about our own experiences and what we have seen with candidates from different sales backgrounds and which ones seemed to fit be

Selecting The Right B2B Sales Person For Your Startup

The last 3-4 years have seen a lot of buzz around marketing automation tools and software as CRM technology also advance. Products such as Eloqua, Marketo, Marketbright are just some of the names that come to mind when yo

Marketing Automation: Do More With Less

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ReadyContacts has been a great partner since we started ShippingEasy. We have found their leads to be higher quality than any other vendor we have tried. Their team is a pleasure to work with and always responsive.

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