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Account-based Marketing is all the rage in the B2B world today and if you are wondering what it is all about, this post is just for you.ABM stands for Account-based Marketing and it is a strategic marketing method that centers around marketing to a prospect or a customer considering it as a market of one. Imagine if you had just one custo


List building is the most important task for any marketing campaign. The success and failure totally depend on the quality of your list and not quantity. As per the definition provided by ‘Affiliate Review Guru’, “List building is the activity of amassing a mailing list. This can be done in several ways, such as driving traffic to squeeze


Internet marketing has grown tremendously over the years. It has become one of the widest used medium to market products and services. Out of all the other internet marketing approaches, there are two who stand out. One being Social Media Marketing and the other Email Marketing. Email marketing is in existence since quite a time time. However, Soci

Email Marketing Facts: 2013 And Beyond

Many marketers advocate benefits of social media marketing over email marketing. But the reality is that Email marketing is old, but is still more efficient and effective than social media marketing. Smart marketers still use email as one the of the pillars of any event or conference marketing program. In B2B world it is the most trusted and widest

Email Marketing Facts You Should Know About

Demand generation is the process of driving awareness and interest in company's products or services. It is done through target marketing campaigns where a company focus on prospects who may be interested in buying their product or service. The process of demand generations starts with compiling a list or a database of prospect buyers. Deman


Demand generation in B2B world refers to the process of creating, nurturing and managing the buying interests of the customers in your product or services. All this is done via marketing campaigns that include lead management activities, market analysis and database man

B2B Demand Generation Basics

Lead generation is a process of generating a consumer’s interest into products or services of a business. Lead generation is the most integral part in any B2B marketing campaign. There are various available tactical methods to generate leads that include both paid and non-paid sources. But while keeping up pace with modern technology and stra

Lead Generation Best Practices

Here we cannot come up with just one best of the best way to generate leads. Something which is best for me might not be suitable for someone else. The marketing models used by me or my company could be different from yours. So we can't actually come-up at one mutually best approach without analyzing each others potentials and capabilities.


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