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Have you ever moved house where everything you had needed to be moved and looked at it as an opportunity to get rid of what you won't be needing or replace what doesn't work anymore? It's an almost natural chain of thought when you are moving things to a new setting that you would like to bring with you only what you need and leave behind what y

Migrating Your CRM Data? This Could Be Good Time For Data Cleansing

The US healthcare pharmaceuticals market is valued at several hundred billion dollars. It's little wonder that it's one of the top segments in the sights of a large number of b2b companies eyeing a slice of that pie. When it comes to building a database of healthcare leads and decision makers a building role-based lists is ideal. For e

Building Business Contacts & Leads Lists In Healthcare Companies

Targeting large companies always requires going that extra mile in terms of preparing the pre-sales data and sales intelligence which includes knowing the right set of decision makers. When it comes to these larger accounts knowing just one or two high-level decision makers is barely enough to crack into them and get discussions moving. The same

List Building- Targeting Major Software Accounts Leads

Although the company's internal marketing or lead database and inbound leads is the best place to start looking while building out targeted email lists for upcoming campaigns, there is a constant need to replenish these databases with new email lists and fresh leads. Inbound leads aside, whether you are looking to build target list on the basis


When you are selling into mid-sized and large organizations, most likely you have multiple business contacts within your target account who drive, influence and take decisions. Depending on the industry vertical as well as the way your target accounts are organized, it is possible to have varied business contacts who take part in the decision ma

List. List. List. First, Define Who You Are Looking For.

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