How to Quadruple Your Sales Team's Productivity

How to Quadruple Your Sales Team's Productivity

If your sales team resembles any of the other sales teams are high growth companies that is focused on topline like a hawk, then you will identify with these problems.

  • The sales team is constantly focused on the most mature leads to drive them to closure.
  • Majority of the sales reps are not investing enough time in growing existing accounts to identify newer opportunities and organizations to sell into.
  • None of the sales reps are looking out at the next quarter to build a pipeline that keep them on target in the further as well

One of the big reasons for this happening consistently across most of the sales organizations is that the pressure to meet the sales quota is huge and the challenge to break into new accounts or broaden penetration into new organizations at existing account is steep. When you look closely at the latter, you will see that sales reps are so busy with the closings, that they give up too soon on new accounts and new opportunities - the most common problems being not able to identify who all the correct stakeholders are, getting them on the phone live and not having enough intelligence about the accounts to personalize their pitch.

So how do you, as a marketing manager, address this challenge and empower your sales team to build a strong pipeline while they close the current one. The answer lies in giving them exactly what they need to do what they do best - which is to pitch, get prospects excited and get them close to closure. They are just terrible at doing anything else besides this and you know it.

Give them the following data support with an impeccable focus on quality and correctness of the data:

  • List of 2-10 key decision makers and influencers at each target account
  • Give them complete contact information including email addresses and direct phone numbers
  • Give them critical qualifiers or data points at each account that makes it easier for them to personalize their pitch

And before you give them this, make sure that they have blessed the definition of "what they need". So that when you give them just that, they are good to go.

This is one simple strategy that I have seen working time and again and yet a lot of marketing organizations get all wrapped up in social media this and social media that and forget to do what delivers revenue - actionable data for your sales teams.

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